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Verifundr Escrow Platform

While the emergence of cryptocurrency is on the rise within the United States there still exists the critical problem of facilitating basic everyday transactions.

Spera is envisioned to become a widely used US dollar backed digital coin to bring trust and instant payments between members entering into an escrowed transaction.

Spera Digital Dollar

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Coin Spera℠ Digital Dollar
Symbol SRA℠
Coin Issuer RCPS Management Inc. (100% APT Subsidiary)
Auditors MaloneBailey, LLC
Legal William (Bill) Uchimoto, Esquire
Executive Team Glenda Dowie, Jim Gagnon, Carl Hussey
Advisors Difitek, MLG Blockchain, Elliot Shohet
Wallet ERC-20 and future upgrades
Initial Issuance 100,000,000 SRA℠
Max Supply Issuance remains open
Coin Price $1 USD plus any applicable transfer fees
Coin Audit October 25, 2018

Funds collected from the coin sales are held in trust by regulated third party financial institutions, ensuring the market value and ongoing exchange of SRA coins freely.

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Local and Global Trade

Verifundr escrow service provides sale certainty and cost savings. It allows users to deposit money, to be held in escrow for purchases such as concert tickets or furniture.

Spera can have an active escrow role in international trade through Verifundr and will help relieve the barriers manufacturers and buyers face when using escrow and payment services abroad in order to eliminate their risk of scams and deception.

Knowing the other party is vetted and funds are clean can help prevent fraudulent activities.

Simple Preventive Precautions

We help build 'credibility upon identity' by running verified KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) data services globally.

This process of vetting members allows us to support compliant and cost effective escrow transactions either in US dollars or Spera digital dollars.